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Interested to learn more about Macrobiotic diet plans? The Macrobiotic diet is Japanese in origin and was originally developed by George Oshawa, a Japanese philosopher.

The Macrobiotic diet emphasises traditional Japanese notions of unity and balance, through recommending that particular foods be consumed in specific combinations and arrangements. The plan is supposed to bring about optimum health and vitality. But does the Macrobiotic diet really work? And what does it entail?

Firstly, the Macrobiotic diet favors fresh, unprocessed, organic and locally grown or reared produce. Followers of the plan are supposed to also try to adhere to local principles of cooking and food preparation - home cooking is prized.

Next, followers are supposed to strive to create balanced meals according to the Japanese principles of Ying and Yang. Particular foods are attributed with either Ying or Yang properties according to their taste, color and texture.

For example, Ying foods tend to be sweet, soft and creamy, where as Yang foods are rich, salty or spicy. Slimmers are advised to try to avoid foods that are overwhelmingly one or the other and then aim for a balance within the course of a meal.

There are also stipulations laid out for what types of foods should be eaten depending on the season, and how they should be prepared. For example, cooking in summer should make use of mostly Ying foods and cooking techniques as it's supposed to be cooling, while winter is the time for warming Yang foods.

A typical meal on the eating plan consists of 50-60% Whole cereals, 25-30% vegetables, 10% beans, 5% soup and 5% seaweed.

Despite its claims to be the ideal way of eating in harmony with our bodies, health professionals have criticised the plan for being nutritionally inadequate. Also, despite it's claims to be a cancer deterrent, several of the founders have since died of cancer. If you're considering trying this plan, please make a point of consulting your doctor.



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