Mediterranean Diet


Wondering what the Mediterraean Diet could do for you? The Mediterraean Diet is an eating plan that claims that the best and healthiest way to stay slim is to eat the kinds of foods consumed in countries in that part of the world.

This includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, which we know are a staple of many eating plans. Sounds good so far, but what other types of foods and drinks make up the Mediterraean diet?

And does the Mediterraean diet have any other health benefits aside from helping you to stay slim?

The Mediterraean diet has the advantage of being rather flavourful, given that it's meal plans are modelled on those found in places such as Southern Italy, Spain, Southern France, Greece, Cyprus, and Portugal, all of which are renown for their excellent cuisine.

The plan was originally developed in 1945 by American doctor Ancel Keys, who noticed that while people in these countries tended to eat rich, tasty meals that were high in fat, they seemed to suffer fewer incidences of cardiovascular disease and obesity than their American counterparts.

This paradox was largely put down to the fact that the cuisine from this part of the world tends to exchange animal fats for the healthier benefits of olive oil. The meal plan also tends to be focused on eating foods like fruit, vegetables, bread, cereals and fish - all foods that are low in bad saturated fats and high in healthier monosaturated fats and dietary fibre. Another positive for both taste buds and healthy hearts alike is that this meal plan puts emphasis on the consumption of red wine, which has been found to contain flavonoids and antioxidants that promote health.

The plan does have its critics, however. Some sceptics point out that people from this part of the world also get a lot more exercise than Americans because they rely less on public transport or cars - a fact that throws doubt on claims that their eating habits alone are what make them healthier and slimmer. Why not try the plan and find out for yourself?



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