Blood Type Diet


Heard about the Blood Type Diet and interested in whether it might be a good way for you to shed unwanted pounds?

The Blood Type Diet was created by a man named Peter D'Adamo and is described in detail in his book 'Eat Right 4 Your Type'.

The central idea of the Blood Type Diet is that lectins in various foods react differently in the body depending on whether an individual is a Type O, a Type A, a Type B or a Type AB, and therefore in order to work with your body to encourage weight loss you need to focus on the kinds of foods that suit your type. So how can you learn to eat right for your type? And is the Blood T

ype Diet backed up by medical evidence?

D'Adamo outlines what each type should eat in his book depending on what he asserts is the evolutionary history of that particular type. For example, Type O is classed as The Hunter because he claims that th

is is the oldest type to be found in humans. He therefore outlines that Type O's are typically strong, athletic and hardy with a strong immune system and an effective digestive tract, but tend to be intolerant to dietary changes.

According to this plan, Type O's should eat a meal plan rich in red meats, nuts and berries, similar to the eating plans of early hunter-gatherers. Type A is classified as the Cultivator, with their type dating from the beginning of the agricultural revolution. According to the plan, these people digest plants well, but should steer clear of red meat.

Type B is called the Nomad, and are attributed with having a strong immune system and adaptable digestive track. They are the only Type for which the plan recommends dairy products. The last Type, AB, is named the Enigma, who are understood to be the most current type. They are strong and versatile and consequently are encouraged to eat a combination of the eating plans of Type A and B.

The plan has many critics, not least because despite D'Adamo's assertions that the plan can ward off cancer and cure arthritis, no documented test results have ever been published to prove that this is so. There is also limited evidence to suggest that the different Types came in to being because of eating patterns at various stages of evolution. If you are considering this plan, take to your doctor first.



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