Acid Reflux Diet


Do you need help creating an Acid Reflux Diet? If you suffer from this difficult and uncomfortable condition, following a great Acid Reflux Diet Plan can help alleviate pain and greatly improve quality of life.

Making good choices for your Acid Reflux Diet is about understanding how your eating habits may be aggravating the problem. A working Acid Reflux Diet helps you to learn not only what to eat, but also when and how much to eat to help keep the pain and discomfort in check.

The first change you need to make on an Acid Reflux Diet is to eat smaller, more frequent meals, rather than the standard three square meals a day. The more food you eat, the harder your stomach has to work to digest and therefore the more potentially irritating digestive fluids it creates.

Eating smaller meals, but eating more often allows you to get the nutrients and calories you need while keeping the digestive juices created by your stomach to a minimum.

In terms of which foods to focus on, it's a good idea to make sure that you eat a lot of complex carbohydrates, like bread, rice, potatoes and pasta, because these items are great for soaking up excess digestive juices. The also tend to be easy for the stomach to break down, meaning your body won't have to work too hard. Foods to avoid when you suffer from this condition are high fat foods, especially fried foods like the kind you get from popular fast food chains.

The reason for avoiding these foods is that they are very difficult to digest and therefore the body has to increase production of digestive juices. Also, because these foods are more difficult to break down, they have a tendency to sit in the stomach for longer, further aggravating the condition. And it's not just solid foods that you need to avoid.

Certain beverages can also cause flare ups, and unfortunately the most significant offender is alcohol. Most kinds of alcohol and soft drinks stimulate the production of digestive juices, but beer is by far the worst. If you suffer from this illness and you still head down to the bar everyday after work, you're just making things worse for yourself.

Finally, if you suffer from this digestive problem, there's a couple of tricks to remember to do physically that might help lessen symptoms. One is to sit up straight both while you're eating and up to at least 45 minutes afterwards. This allows your digestive system to remain unobstructed. Also, try making sure your head is raised between six and eight inches when you're lying down.

If your symptoms persist over a long time, consult your doctor who can provide support and guidance.



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