Core Workout


Improving balance and co-ordination is easy with a great core workout. The muscles of the torso provide strength and stability to help you perform other dynamic moves.

Doing a core workout means strong abs, lean muscles and better posture.

A core workout will exercise the muscles of the torso. These include: the rectus abdominals, the transverse abdominals, the internal and external obliques and the erector spinae.

It is important to target all of these areas equally to prevent muscles imbalances and injury. Another major benefit of this type of training is improving functional fitness - which allows us to perform everyday activities with ease. When executed properly, a core workout can be easy to do and very effective.

These muscles undergo much stress and need to be conditioned regularly. The stronger the muscles are, the more stability they can provide and the body will be less prone to injury. These exercises can use little or no equipment and can be done anywhere at anytime.

Some move to consider are the basic crunch on the floor (rectus), reverse crunch using the exercise ball (lower rectus), twist crunches (obliques) and the plank (transverse). You may already have a variety of drills in your program. Try to mix up your moves to target the abs and back in different ways. You can do these movements 2-4 times and week on alternate days.

Breathing is very important when executing these moves: inhale at rest and exhale while doing the work. End your session with stretches for the abs and back.



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