Pilates Workout


One of the most popular forms of exercise, a pilates workout is a great way to challenge your muscles. These exercises are designed to help improve the body's core.

A regular pilates workout will result in leaner muscles, improved flexibility and greater abdominal and back strength. This program is safe for all fitness levels.

This form of exercise is far from new. The Joseph Pilates workout was designed nearly a century ago. He was a sickly child and wanted to design exercises that could be done by anyone to help improve strength and balance.

He called this method contrology. The pilates workout quickly spread to dancer and athletes. His mindful approach to fitness had helped elevate its current popularity.

People are looking for an alternative to traditional exercise and that is what they get with this program.

This fitness program is based on six principles: control, centering, precision, balance, flow and breathing. The idea is that all of the body's power comes from its core. We need to have a strong core in order to improve and control the movement of all the other body parts.

Many fitness clubs offer this exercise program as part of its schedule. It is great to have the benefit of a trained instructor to ensure that you are performing the movements correctly. If you prefer to exercise at home, there are a huge number of videos available to help you with your program. Just make sure that one you pick has detailed information on safety and technique. No matter what workout you choose, you will find that this program will make you feel leaner and stronger!



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