The Maker Diet


Heard about The Makers Diet and curious to learn whether it will be right for you? The Maker's Diet is an eating plan developed by Dr.

Jordan Rubin that emphasizes eating fresh, unprocessed foods such as those eaten in Biblical times. Whilst The Maker's Diet Plan generally takes place over a forty-day period, Dr. Rubin suggests that it be used to jump start an overall shift to a healthier lifestyle. So what exactly does The Maker's Diet involve?

The Maker's Diet encourages eating only fresh, natural foods in their purest form. This means no processed foods, foods that contain pesticides or foods that have been altered significantly from their original state.

It's especially important to avoid foods containing additives or preservatives. Beyond this stipulation, however, there are very few food items that the plan specifically forbids - with the notable exceptions being pork, bacon and shellfish, presumably because they weren't eaten in Biblical times.

Aside from advising you which foods to eat, the plan also provides slimming advice, such as not to eat when you are emotionally upset or unbalanced, and how often to exercise. Slimmers who are uncertain about aspects of the plan can refer to it's online resource guide.

This plan really emphasizes incorporating faith into your slimming plans, and draws connections between emotional and spiritual wellbeing and physical health.

Slimmers that have partaken of the plan have sited health benefits that go beyond just losing a few pounds. These include an increase in positive moods and emotional wellbeing, improved digestion, and lessened susceptibility to illness. Why not try it out and see for yourself?



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