Sonoma Diet


Perhaps you're wondering about the benefits of the Sonoma Diet.

The Sonoma Diet is a fad slimming plan that was created by a woman called Connie Guttersen, and is loosely based on the Mediterraean plan. The Sonoma Diet relies on a strict adherence to a particular set of foods that are claimed to be 'power foods'.

Sounds interesting, but with so many new plans out there to choose from, how can you be sure the Sonoma Diet will work for you? And are there any health risks that you should be aware of?

The Sonoma Diet isn't classed as a low carb plan, or a low sugar plan. Instead, it relies on calorie reduction and food combining. The plan's founder, Ms. Guttersen, puts forth that the 10 power foods on which the plan is based were chosen for superior taste and nutritional value.

The power foods are whole grains, almonds, bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and olive oil. These can be prepared in a variety of combinations, and many ideas are provided for the slimmer by the cookbooks created by Ms. Guttersen.

The eating plan works in waves, or phases, not unlike plans like Aitkens, South Beach or the Zone. The first phase of the plan puts a lot of emphasis on calorie reduction, and calls for the smallest range of foods in the smallest portions. Sugars are also restricted. This phase lasts for 10 days, and generally results in fairly dramatic weight loss. The second phase allows a wider variety of foods and therefore results in a more natural rate of weight loss. Slimmers are advised to continue this phase until their ideal weight is reached. The final phase of the plan goes on indefinitely, and is called the Maintenance phase. This phase allows the widest range of foods and even permits the occasional dessert. Appropriate portion sizes are taught using different sized plates for different meals.

Critics of the plan express concern that phase one doesn't provide sufficient calories or a balance of required nutrients, and therefore could be dangerous. If you're thinking about trying this plan, consult your doctor first.



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