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Have you seen adverts for the Medifast Diet Plan and are interested to learn more? The Medifast Diet plan is one of the more popular and successful low calorie slimming plans.

Most often used by people who are clinically obese, the Medifast diet plan relies on the use of a variety of Medifast diet food products to control calorie intake. So how does the Medifast diet plan fit into your life? And what kind of results can you expect?

This plan is quite strict and usually results in slimmers losing 2-5 pounds per week. The plan works using the 5 and 1 principle, which basically prescribes 5 small meals made up of items on the plan's product line, followed by one regular, low calorie meal. The product line includes a variety of low calorie meal options, including shakes, soups, bars, oatmeals and puddings.

All of these products have been specially formulated so that they are nutritionally balanced, so there will be no nutritional deficiency when on the plan. The evening meal should be made up of lean meat or fish, and roughly 2 cups of vegetables or salad. On the plan the total calorie intake should be between 800 and 1000 calories per day, and for that reason, the plan's creators do recommend that slimmers should be supervised by their doctor throughout.

After a slimmer reaches the desired weight, they then move on to the maintenance plan, where they make the transition back to regular meals. During this time the plan's creators recommend continuing to have between 1 and 3 of their product line food items a day. It's also highly recommended that slimmers have a solid exercise regime which consists of 30-45 minutes of physical activity a day.

If you're considering this plan, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor about whether it's appropriate for your body type.



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