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Curious about the idea of a liquid diet? Liquid diets are often used in an official medical capacity as part of the lead up to a variety of medical procedures, but are also used in pop culture as cleansing or slimming plans.

Liquid diets can help slimmers lose a lot of weight in a relatively short amount of time, but are liquid diets safe for use without the supervision of a doctor or a nutritionist? And what exactly constitutes a liquid diet?

This slimming plan is pretty much all there in the title - it's a plan where slimmers eliminate solid foods altogether in an attempt to cut back on calories. Because of the drastic nature of the plan, it's advisable to only do it for shorter periods of time - usually only up to ten days.

In a medical context, doctors use this plan to help pre-operative people to flush out their digestive track. It's essential in cases where individuals are undergoing procedures such as colonoscopies or sigmoidoscopies. Doctors also tend to prescribe this plan for post-operative patients, particularly if the operation involved the digestive track, because it reduces strain on the system, and allows for the healing process to happen without interruption.

People on the plan are allowed coffee, tea, sports drinks, broth and some juices, provided that they have been strained. It's important that all the fluids consumed are clear and not milky or creamy.

Concerns surrounding this plan centre on the extremely low calorie count provided by the plan, and the lack of vitamins and minerals available to the slimmer. Other criticisms of the plan include concerns about the lack of both fibre and insufficient protein.

Yet another stroke against the plan as a weight loss strategy is that if fails to teach appropriate eating habits, meaning that slimmers tend to regain lost weight soon after the plan finishes.

Some people claim the plan cleanses them of impurities, but medical professionals counter that your liver and kidneys are perfectly capable of achieving this without any dietary changes.

If you are considering this plan as a slimming tool, make sure to discuss it with your doctor, who will ensure your nutritional requirements are met.



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