Rice Diet


Wondering about the Rice Diet as a means to weight loss? Despite it's name, the Rice Diet isn't centred on the grain in the title. Instead, the Rice Diet focuses on a healthy, portion controlled diet that is low in salt and fat, along with a regime of moderate exercise.

Sounds pretty good, but how does the Rice Diet really work? What type of foods are available to you on the plan? And how do you determine portion sizes?

The Rice Diet advocates foods such as fruits, grains, vegetables, beans, olive oil, fat-free dairy and lean meat, eaten in particular combinations over two phases. Phase 1 begins with a cleansing day on the first day of every week. On the cleansing days, slimmers are allowed to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, which are each made up of two starches and two fruits per meal.

The other six days of the week, slimmers are allowed to have one starch, one dairy and one fruit for breakfast, three starches, three vegetables, and one fruit for lunch, and three starches, three vegetables and one fruit for dinner.

Phase 2 is more or less identical to Phase 1, with the first day of the week being a cleansing day, and the next five days following the prescribed pattern detailed above, with the difference cropping up on the seventh day. In Phase 2 on the seventh day, slimmers are allowed to add three proteins or two dairies to their evening meals.

The portion sizes are laid out for you by the plan. For example, one serving of starch is considered to be 1/3 cup of grains or beans, ? cup of pasta, a slice of bread, or a cup of cereal. One serving of dairy is a cup of fat free milk, soya milk or yoghurt. One serving of vegetables is a cup of raw vegetables or half a cup of cooked ones. An ounce of meat constitutes one serving of protein.

This plan results in weight loss through healthy eating and portion control. Consult your doctor before beginning a new eating plan.



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