To train for the sport of basketball you are really going to have to focus on your accuracy and agility.

These are two aspects that you need to be very strong in if you want to be a good basketball player.

To improve the accuracy of your shooting in basketball it is best to practice from a wide variety of positions and stances. When you are playing an actual game it can vary greatly where you are on the court and the position you are standing in so it is of benefit to mimic this in your practices.

Try taking shots from both sides of the net and using variable distances. You will also want to mix up your feet position because if an opponent is trying to block you, you may end up being forced to shoot from your less than preferred stance.

The more time you dedicate towards practicing your shooting the better you will become.

Make sure you pay attention to minor adjustments that you make that seem to work so then you can keep repeating them to develop a strong set of shooting skills.

Agility on the other hand will be important for winding your way around players who are trying to obstruct your path. During your training practice have someone try and chase after you around the court while you work on maintaining control of the ball. Developing the ability to do this will be extremely helpful in a game situation. Also work on pivoting around another person so that should someone obstruct you, it does not pose that big of a challenge to get around them.

Training for any sport should try and include as many sport-specific movements as possible and this is no exception. With a proper training plan you will notice a great improvement in your skill level and your game success rate will drastically increase.



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