Racquetball training to improve performance


The sport of racquetball is very intense so if you are planning on participating it is important that you implement a well thought out training plan to ensure you can play your best.

One of the key facets of racquetball is that it is very cardiovascular in nature.

It may not seem like it would be as good of a workout as going for a run would be say but the truth is that it can be just as intense if not more intense. The reason why racquetball is so physically demanding is because you are constantly moving around the court and being forced to change directions rapidly. This stopping and starting action is going to be very energy demanding on your system and will require you to burn large amounts of calories per game.

To work on this stopping and starting action it is best to practice running through an obstacle course that is going to have you changing directions as often as possible. Also try running from side to side and potentially even backwards to help with your balancing and agility even further. You never know what type of position you may be in when you have to chase after the ball so this will help to train you for all circumstances.

You will also want to perform some strength training exercises for your chest muscles as these are going to be used to help you propel the ball forward when you are hitting it. If you have weak chest muscles you are going to rely on the smaller muscles in the arms and shoulders more and could risk injuries. It would be wise to strengthen these smaller muscles as well so you have a well-rounded approach to your upper body strength training program.

Making sure you take the time to develop a solid workout program for this sport will definitely aid you in both performance and injury prevention.



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