If you are an avid golf player there are certain precautions you should be taking to help prevent injuries that may occur.

Far too many players, when teeing off at the beginning of the game, twist their body too far and put it in an awkward position. After this is done for enough repetitions you may really start to see injuries beginning to happen as the body cannot handle this type of stress on it's joints. Add to this that you are taking a hunched over stance for a good part of your golf game and you are setting yourself up for problems.

To reduce the chances of suffering from a back injury while playing golf, make sure you do a proper warm-up first that includes stretching out your back muscles. Furthermore, try and keep your abdominal muscles tight during the swing and focus on standing as tall and upright as possible when there is no need to be hunched over.

The next injury that is common in this game is tennis elbow. This is an inflammation in the upper arm near the outside of the elbow and can be very painful. To treat this, ice it immediately after you have finished playing whenever you feel pain arise.

The final type of injury you should be aware of is shoulder pain. This is not uncommon because if the ligaments around this joint are not healthy and strong they can tear or get damaged quite easily. Rotator cuff injuries are particularly common and can be debilitating should you endure one. To prevent this injury take the time to perform some strength training exercises for your shoulders to help strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding this joint. Secondly, try and slow down the backswing to reduce the stress on the shoulder.

So next time you are going out to play keep these considerations in mind. If you hope to play for many years to come you need to take proper care of your body so you don't wind up sidelined.



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