If you are looking into playing the sport of softball one thing you will particularly want to focus on is increasing the range of motion of your shoulders.

You will want to develop a smooth and strong swing and have the muscle strength and control to do this will be essential for developing strong softball skills.

One really great stretch that you should do in preparation for playing softball is place your arm flat against a wall, palm facing the wall. Then slowly twist the body until you are feeling a stretch in your shoulder muscles as well as in your pectoral muscle. Hold this position for 30 seconds or so and then switch sides.

Another good stretching exercise to do is to cross one arm over your body and then grasping that wrist with your free hand slowly pull the arm further across your body. This will really target the lateral deltoid muscle, which will be used on the swing through phase of hitting the ball.

Finally you will want to make sure your forearm muscles are stretched out since when you are gripping the bat you will be constantly tensing these muscles and they are likely to become tight. To stretch them gently flex your hand and pull your fingers back until you feel a pull under your wrist. Then perform the same action only this time flexing your wrist in the opposite direction so the fingers are pointing downward.

It is very critical that you perform these stretches as shoulder injuries can be quite common in this sport and if you are suffering from one it can be debilitating for a lengthy period of time.



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