Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is a sport that is picking up more and more interest lately. If you are just starting to get into it then there are a few things you should know with regards to your training.

One thing you need for rock climbing is a really strong upper body. It is critical you have this strength so that you can pull yourself in the upwards direction.

Not only is the sheer amount of physical strength going to be important but so is the endurance capabilities of the muscles. Since you will be holding yourself in the position for a fair amount of time while out rock climbing, your muscles need to be able to sustain a good degree of contraction. If they are constantly fatiguing then you will likely tire out before you amount to any distance.

For this reason, it is a good idea to do your strength training using various rep ranges. On one day you will want to focus on sheer strength and perform your sets using 1-6 reps. This will allow you to press heavier weights and increase your muscular strength. Note that you will probably want the rest periods between these sets to last from one minute to one minute and thirty seconds.

On other days, focus on sets that utilize a 10-15 rep range so that you target strength but endurance at the same time. This type of lifting is what is going to allow you stay out there and hold on for a much longer period of time. Since you are not lifting as heavy of a weight during this session you can use rest periods that are more along the lines of thirty seconds to one minute.

Putting in a decent amount of time at the gym is really going to help your performance with this activity. Make sure to take at least one day off between training sessions and also allow enough time for actually performing the activity itself as well.



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