If you are going to do some surfing this season then there are some particular things you should do with your training to optimize your performance.

Since surfing is really going to call into play your balancing abilities this is one thing that you will have to work on immensely. To do this, you should try to find every way you can to work on this skill.

Such options may be standing on a wobble board, walking across a balance beam or actually placing your board across two chairs and practicing standing on it. If that is your choice of practice, potentially have someone try and tilt you off balance so you learn how to counteract this just as you would have to do if you were out on the water.

In order to excel at surfing you will also need work a great deal on your core strength. Since any time you get slightly off balance you will need to use your abdominal muscles to regain control of your upper body, making sure they are strong is important.

Work on doing exercises like the plank where you rest your feet and forearms on the floor and hold this position for as long as possible (keeping the back straight so you resemble a table).

Also think about performing some abdominal crunches on an exercise ball. These are perfect for working your core strength because you will not a stable surface underneath you therefore not only will you need to tense and contract your abs but you will have to do the same with your obliques and lower back muscles.

Whatever training methods you choose to do to improve at this sport make sure you do include some balance and core work. If you do you will be sure to see an improvement in performance.



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