Training for the sport of snowboarding is going to be very similar to training for skateboarding as you will be using many of the same muscle groups and principles.

Paramount to snowboarding performance is going to be having enough balance and stability to be able to resist momentum and stay on the board.

A great idea when you plan on doing a lot of snowboarding in the winter is to keep up with activities that resemble this sport such as wakeboarding or skateboarding during the summer months. This will ensure that you keep utilizing the muscles needed so they do not begin to lose strength.

Additionally using a wobble board during your fitness training is an excellent way to increase strength while working on your balance and agility abilities. Stand on top one of these and perform your exercises such as dumbbell curls, shoulder presses and squats. Since you are really going to have to focus on keeping your core tight in order to maintain balance you will also get a very intense abdominal workout as well.

It is very important as well any time before you go out to do this activity that you get in a good warm-up. Since you are doing it in cooler temperatures your muscles will be tight so if they are not loosened up beforehand you increase the risk of a muscle pull or strain.

Make sure in particular you focus on stretching your hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, calves and abdominals. All of these muscles will be used heavily so you will want them to have full range of motion.

It is always best to try and find training methods that imitate the actions or movements you will be using in the sport you will be participating in. By following the suggestions above you will do just that.



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