If you are involved in the sport of tennis one particular injury you are going to have to be careful of with your training is tennis elbow.

This is an injury that causes there to be pain or soreness in the outside part of the elbow and is the result of damage that has occurred to the tendon that runs down the forearm and then connects to the upper arm bone.

You may begin to experience tennis elbow if you play this sport very frequently and are always twisting the hand, wrist or forearm. If your racquet has a grip that is too large for your hand this can also put a lot of strain on this tendon and cause potential problems.

To treat this injury you are most likely going to have to take time off to let it heal. Pain-relief medication may be used to help will that as well as to potentially help reduce the swelling (if present).

In severe cases you may also wish to wear a sling so as to not aggravate the injury at all and allow for complete rest. Heat and ice are also great treatment methods and should be used - ice in the very beginning and then heat later on.

If the symptoms of this injury do not subside within 6-8 weeks than it is likely that the health professional you are seeing may recommend that you take a corticosteriod injection to allow for relief so you can begin a rehabilitation program to strengthen these small muscles and ligaments and prevent future problems.

Make sure you make yourself very aware of this particular injury if you are involved with the sport because if not treated it can be a long lasting injury.



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