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One of the most overlooked pieces of exercise equipment is the gym bag. How many times have you seen someone walk into the club with just a towel and water bottle in their hand?

This happens more often than not, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, there are some great benefits to buying and carrying a proper gym bag.

Today's gym bags are actually quite high-tech. There are special ones with breathable material that help prevent your sweaty towels and shoes from smelling too bad. How many times have you skipped a workout or two only to dig out your shoes days later and find out they stink? With a breathable gym bag, this won't be an issue- or at least not as much of one.

Most also come with special pockets for extra items that you may need or desire while working out. For instance, several come with a special pouch for a water bottle. Usually made of neoprene or some other insulating material, it can keep your drink chilled to cool you down.

Another extra pocket feature on some models is a special padded area for electronics. Here you can put things like your PDA, cell phone, Blackberry, mp3 player and more. It keeps your electronics separate to prevent damage and any moisture from sweaty towels away from the sensitive devices.

Some also have a keychain to attach your car keys to. Now you won't have to fumble through the entire bag to find your keys while standing outside in the cold or dark. Theses are just some of the features- you may find others and should always buy what you want- they are not that expensive and with care will be only a one-time purchase.



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