Workout Bench


On many pieces of equipment in a gym, you will find a workout bench. From free weight areas, press areas and more, a great, sturdy workout bench is an integral part of many exercise regimens.

If you are in the market for one for your home gym, there are several to choose from depending on what you plant to use it for.

Free weights are a great way to build muscle while also burning fat. They are not as limiting as weights that must be lifted using a workout bench (such as a press) because they allow for much better range of motion. Despite this, free weight workouts can benefit from a workout bench as well.

Using them for balance, leverage and even resistance can increase the effectiveness of your free weights routine.

You should look for strong, sturdy equipment that grips the floor well. The last thing you want to do when partaking in a press or exercise is for the equipment you use to slide across the floor. This can cause injury that could jeopardize your exercise plan.

One that can morph into several different positions is very good as well. This lets you vary your exercise routine, making it continuously interesting and fun to do. For instance, you may want to lay it flat to do a press then rearrange it in order to do a crunch or butt press.

Prices can vary wildly depending on the model- anywhere from a basic one that costs around $70 to as much as $700 for higher-end models that include other goodies like weights and resistance bands.



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