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There are literally dozens of types of exercise mats on the market. From crazy patterns to solid colors, sticky varieties to protective ones, there is no end to the amount of products you can choose from.

So if you are a beginner in fitness, how do you know which to choose, and might you need more than one type?

The personal exercise mat is by far the most popular on the market. It is a semi-thick, foldable mat that resembles the kinds that many kids use for naptime in nursery or pre-school. In fact, many times they are the same thing just packaged and marketed differently! This type of exercise mat can be a very comfortable way to do regular workout routines that do not require a special thickness or padding level.

One type growing in popularity is the yoga variety, also known as a sticky. Though the material itself is not sticky to the touch, it will stick to a hardwood or tile floor.

Don't worry, it's not a damaging sticky- but just enough to give you traction while engaging in yoga so that you won't slip or slide around. You can also use this type for Pilates or any hybrids like cardio yoga or yogalates.

If you like to lift free weights, a special floor protector is in order. These are usually fairly thick to accommodate someone throwing weights on the floor and keep the floor underneath from getting scratched. The padding is also comfortable under your feet, giving it an added bonus.

All of these can be had fairly inexpensively, and with proper care should be only a one-time purchase. A simple wipe-down after use and proper storage and you may never need to buy another one ever again.



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