Workout Music


Studies have shown that when exercising, workout music can be a key component to how good your drive and results are.

While no study is conclusive, most agree that upbeat workout music that makes you want to move will increase your circulation, which in turn motivates you to want to continue exercising as opposed to becoming bored with your routine.

The key thing to remember when selecting workout music is that even though studies show that upbeat music is the best, no two people are exactly alike. What may get one person's toes tapping and blood circulating may not do that for you. If you get great workout results listening to a more mellow type of music like jazz or contemporary pop, then you should definitely go for that. Workout music does not have to be one genre or one playlist only.

Some experts believe you should have different tracks for different parts of your workout. For instance, during your initial stretching, you can go for some light upbeat tunes. As your workout revs up, so should your playlist.

And of course, once you are cooling down you want music that is appropriate for that as well.

But again, as previously mentioned no two exact plans will work the same for everyone so stick with what you know works for you. If you are unsure of what works, load a bunch of tunes onto your music player and try a variety of things.

Not only will this make your routine fun, but it can also help you figure out that right combination for an optimum workout.



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