Exercise Band


One of the smallest pieces of workout equipment you will ever use, an exercise band is deceptively small and simple. It looks much like an enlarged rubber band but it can be a vital component to anybody's exercise routine.

There are many different types of exercise band, and no matter what shape you are in there is one that is right for you.

There are generally thought to be three exercise band resistance types- beginner, intermediate and advanced. A beginner one will be thinner and stretch more while the upper levels will be thicker to provide less stretch and more resistance. The more resistance you get from your exercise band, the more you will have to work to perform the exact same exercises that were easy with the beginner unit.

That is part of the beauty of this type of workout- you only have to learn a few basic exercises and moves- the rest of the intensity comes from the increased resistance.

Not only should you increase the resistance by switching to an upper model, but you should also increase your repetitions as well.

Most personal trainers will have you start off with 1 set of 12-16 reps, and as your muscle tolerance for it increases, they will go with a higher resistance and additional reps. By the time you are really slimming down and getting into shape, you should be doing 3-4 reps of 16 with the highest resistance possible.

Choose a good set that has grips for your hands and feet and is right for your fitness level. Never try to go to a higher resistance too fast or you face possible injury. But using the right level at the right time will increase your flexibility, lean muscle mass and overall vitality.



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