Exercise Trampoline


At its basest form, an exercise trampoline is simply a mat attached to bouncing springs and a metal frame. But for many enthusiasts, it is so much more.

An exercise trampoline gives a high-intensity cardio workout while going easy on the joints unlike other forms of cardio like running, jogging or speed walking. Because the mat is not a hard surface, you get all of the heart-healthy benefits of cardio with a smaller risk of sprains or injury.

If you are in the market for an exercise trampoline, you will have several to choose from. One of the most popular is a mini version, also known as a 'rebounder.' A rebounder allows you to jump high and actually achieve zero gravity for a short period of time before bouncing back onto the mat at twice the impact of gravity.

This intensity allows for greater blood circulation, better overall heart health, less fatigue and other benefits. An exercise trampoline like this also allows you to burn almost twice the calories of jogging alone.

Skiers and athletes use them to help their aerial skills in a controlled environment. Gymnasts often start their complex tumbling training on a larger version of a rebounder. The ability to lift yourself that high at varying speeds can be a great way to learn other disciplines. Olympic jumpers, skiers and winter X-sports participants all have likely used them at some time or another.

There are some safety concerns with kids that you should address- never leave them unattended and show them how to control their jumping. Jumping should also be limited to one person at a time to limit potential impacts that could lead to injury, as this is the biggest reason for rebounder-related accidents.



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