Gym Flooring


The days of gym flooring being limited to neutral-colored tiles or wood are over.

Though some may still have these older models (and there is nothing wrong with that), many workout centers and fitness clubs have high-end gym flooring that is state-of-the-art and meant to help with your workouts.

For areas where heavy weights that can damage wood and tile are used, your club may use a type of gym flooring called Dura Shock or Diamond mega-plate. These are thick pads or mats that protect your finish should heavy weights (particularly those made of metal) fall to the ground. Instead of scratches or worse yet dents and crevices in your gym flooring, the weights will barely make a sound.

If something like a basketball court in a workout center is being used for another purpose, you surely don't want to scratch the surface or scuff it up in any way. For this purpose, you can buy thin mats to put over that will ensure the safety of the court. They are easy to put down, slip-proof and easy to pick back up when you need the court again.

Though most of these mats are made mostly for weightlifting, many clubs put them all over their entire surface because they are usually quite good at absorbing the shock and impact that can occur with certain exercises. Whole areas may be covered in the mats for things like cross-training or aerobics classes.

Many of these mats are antibacterial and easy to care for, meaning they are a good investment if you want something for your surfaces at home as well.

The relatively small cost for what could be a one-time investment with proper care makes these a great deal.



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