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If you like to workout at home, you likely have an exercise video or two somewhere in your library. Though obviously not necessary in order to workout from home, an exercise video can be a fun and motivating way to keep up with your workout goals.

Much like a class at a gym, a group setting can get you going faster and increase your results.

The fun soundtracks that usually accompany an exercise video make working out seem more like fun than a chore. Another added benefit is being able to see the different positions and workouts as they are being done. You simply can't see it from a book or set of pictures, no matter how good they are.

Being able to see the workout to determine whether or not you are doing it properly will not only yield better results but it will also ensure that you will not injure yourself.

Most workouts come in DVD format now, though some will also have a VHS version if you still have a VCR that you would prefer to use. Some companies have even gone high-tech and offer downloadable versions of their workouts over the internet. You can even load them onto a portable media player or burn them to take them on the road with a portable DVD player.

You should choose a workout that is fun for you and either comes with the equipment you need or features equipment you already have (such as a medicine ball or perhaps small dumbbells). A series that goes from beginner to advance with several workouts on them is usually the best, as it will ensure that you don't become bored and are forced to buy new versions to stay motivated.



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