Exercise Ball


Whether your workout of choice is yoga, Pilates or another, an exercise ball is likely an integral part of the workout.

But these days, using such equipment is more about strengthening your core than anything else, so even hybrid classes like yogalates, cardio yoga, strength training and even circuit training may use an exercise ball to enhance the results of the class.

Using an exercise ball helps to build lean muscle, improve your coordination and strengthens your trunk muscles that can lead to better results from other types of workouts. It can also help with hard-to-tone muscles such as the erector spinae. An exercise ball forces you to balance while doing traditional workouts such as a hip extension.

This not only makes the activity harder, but it provides added resistance to get the most out of the motion. Rest assured, none of your movements are wasted using this equipment.

Amongst some of the other activities that work well are back extensions, butt lifts, ab rolls, ab twists, pushups, sit-ups and more. There are workouts tailored towards beginners and even advanced workouts for athletes. A great class if you can find it is a skiers training class that includes this equipment. They include squats, sweeps, lunges, side planks, pushups, rolls, rollouts, extensions and more. It is a very intense workout that will also burn fat although it is not cardio intensive.

But no matter which class you take with this equipment, you will find that it makes the work outs more fun and interesting. The best part by far though is the increased results you will get, and in a quicker manner to boot!



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