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There are dozens of fitness magazines on the market today, and each one has some benefits. Most target a specific group- obviously "Men's Fitness" targets men while "Women's Fitness" would target women.

But there are other examples, too. A periodical like "Self" seems to target women but has a lot of great diet, body and mind advice that can be beneficial to men as well.

Many health clubs and chain gyms offer fitness magazines as a perk of buying a membership with them. These can include tips on health, workouts, diet and sometimes even article reprints from major medical journals about health conditions and diseases. These are usually well-written and very professional and can be a big help to you in your diet and exercise plans.

However, you should know that no article should ever be a replacement for sound advice from your doctor or personal trainer at a club or gym. They can offer invaluable advice about what type of training program and/or diet program is right for you. This is the type of advice (and especially support) that a monthly periodical simply will not provide.

Also, don't be afraid to take your copy in and ask about an article you read, especially if it is on a new class, technique or workout program that you are interested in. If they don't already offer it they may do so if you and others start to ask for it.

If you are working out based only on what you might see in a periodical, then you should see if they at least have a website that further explains the motions and routines.

There is no substitute for being able to see the exercises be done, no matter how great the pictures in your article are.



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